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  • 2005

    The history of our Company traces its origins back to 2005 in New York.
    Logan Taylor had a unique analytical mindset from childhood, and dreamed of becoming a financier. In 1998, he graduated from PACE University, where he met Robert Palmer. Thus, they started their joint way.
    Back in the days of study, they set a purpose to incorporate a competitive trading company of the international standard. For 7 years, they gained experience on the largest US stock exchanges. In 2005, when the first signs of the US mortgage crisis appeared, Logan Taylor and Robert Palmer began to gather a team of like-minded people and enthusiasts in the trading world. As the professionals in their field they understood that the “bubble of mortgage loans”, inflated the American government would soon burst and there would be a deep crisis.

  • 2008

    Logan Taylor and Robert Palmer have made their main career on trading lowering the market. That is - “THE MARKET FALLS, AND WE EARN,” they said. Within 3 years, our team of experienced specialists developed its unique earnings strategy both in growth and in decline. As a result, at the end of 2008, when the market collapsed, we were ready for this and earned a fortune on the American stock market crisis.
    We have adapted to the market and are now ready for any unexpected turns.

  • 2010

    In 2010, Logan Taylor and Robert Palmer realized that global success can be achieved only by founding an international investment trading company. South Africa was chosen as the location to open headquarters and run business. First of all, it is a very promising country, with very loyal tax legislation for international investors.
    The tenders were held on the world's largest stock exchanges, mainly the USA and China.
    The company’s successful traders found on the stock exchange a few basic rules for increasing profits from exchange trading:

    1. Tracking Stock with the Latest News.
    2. In this case, the flat is almost eliminated, but the probability of a daily trend is high. Most often, such events cause a stir in the market.
    3. There is careful study of stock exchange, tracking of large orders in it and control the speed of their flow.
    4. Search for a trade entry point using technical patterns.
    5. Finding bursts on the histogram of volumes with the subsequent entry into the transaction.
  • 2013

    Our company has fully adapted to the most popular global markets.
    Logan Taylor and Robert Palmer from BB Sheldon are among the most successful traders.
    Their view of the market and successful trading is unique. It is unlikely that you will find a similar one anywhere else. It is difficult to find a person in the trading environment who would not have heard about BB Sheldon.

  • 2015-2016

    Following the results of the 2015 summer traders, the Chinese stock market showed the longest fall. Shares that are traded in the market became cheaper despite the decline in key rates by the Central Bank of China. During this period, the stock exchange as a whole lost at least USD 5 trillion.
    An economic expert notes that the crisis of the stock market in China is a continuation of the 2008 global crisis, which was started with the bankruptcy of large American investment funds.
    Due to the fact that we have huge experience in bear trading and the experience of crisis trading, our Company successfully earned more than USD 100 million on the collapse of the Asian market, thereby strengthening its reputation in the domestic market of South Africa and proving to its partners that the company can earn in any market conditions.
    At the same time, BB Sheldon is also an investment company. That is why South Africa was chosen. From the first days the company invested in the extraction of natural resources, precious metals and stones. In 2016, investments in the domestic market of South Africa began to bear serious fruit. BB Sheldon Company is seriously focused on the development of investments in the field of gold mining and diamond mining in South Africa. BB Sheldon is the holder of shares of the largest gold mining corporations in South Africa.

  • 2019

    The trading staff headed by Logan Taylor and Robert Palmer held a closed conference related to the huge popularization of crypto-currencies. Following the results whereof, it was resolved to form a department that will be engaged in the development of crypto trading, monitor and analyze the market. Therefore, we provide an opportunity for private investors to make a profit due to all modern tools, on a par with professional traders. We had a need to create an Internet resource that would give novice investors the opportunity to develop with global traders and achieve maximum success.
    However, we are professionals in our field, and we do not miss more than one opportunity to increase our own capital and capital of our partners. We follow trends and know how to trade under any market conditions.


Capital for the current year

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  • Experience

    20 years of exchange trading
  • Style

    Successful experience in crisis trading
  • Monitoring

    Monitoring the global economy and analytical forecasts for our clients
  • Cohesion

    Our team has acquired unique trading skills on more than 11 major trading platforms in the world.
  • Adaptation

    Adaptation to the market. We adapt to changing the market and derive benefit from it.
  • Training

    In the future, we will offer world-class training for newbies and developing traders in all areas.